About OurEczema

My name is Lorenzo Weiss, and I’m the founder of OurEzcema.com. If you suffer from eczema, I want you to know that you’re not alone. I’ve had my own personal experience with the condition since day one. I was born with eczema, and over the years, I’ve found what works and what doesn’t to manage my condition. I wanted to share my experiences and knowledge with people who suffered from eczema and their families. So, with that vision I created OurEczema.com; to help build a strong community filled with positivity and understanding.


If You Have Eczema

One of the most important things I learned from growing up with my eczema is that being diagnosed with it isn’t something to be ashamed of; it’s just another part of your life that makes you unique and truly yourself. Along with my personal experiences, I’ve collected different cases and perspectives of eczema for you to take advantage of.


You don’t have to feel lost or worried by your diagnosis because with OurEczema.com, I’ve presented a wide variety of information you can use to guide your journey, from what can irritate eczema to which weather may be the best for your skin. Taking it one day at a time is something I agree with, and with the tips and advice I’ve added into OurEczema.com, you too can slowly, but surely, manage your condition.


If Your Loved One Has Eczema

It would be unfair to say that eczema only affects those who have it. The families and those who care for them have different concerns than those without it. OurEczema.com is also for you! Even if you don’t have eczema, you can learn and understand more about the condition that your loved one faces on a daily basis. Educating yourself not only builds your relationship with your loved one, but it continues to build a connection of understanding and acceptance between those who have eczema and those who can just support them for the ride.