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Is Saltwater Good for Eczema?

When it comes to getting an answer to this specific question, I’ll start off by saying; salt water from the sea is known to have many beneficial effects on anyone suffering from eczema. Several studies on the healing benefits of salt water pertaining to eczema, by researchers around the world, have come up with multiple […]


Can Eczema Really Cause Death?

  Eczema isn’t a single skin disease, but a whole family of conditions, which cause your skin to become irritated, itchy and swollen. So… Is eczema really deadly? In simple terms no, it is neither deadly nor contagious. Rightfully so, if this skin issue is not treated, it could affect your vital organs and or […]


What’s The Best Climate for Eczema Sufferers?

Eczema or Atopic Dermatitis (AD) is a skin condition that affects young children and adults alike, equally common in males and females. The sensitive skin problem that causes dry, flaky or sweaty patches of skin is commonly seen around the arms, legs, back, and face. The condition often gets triggered when the skin surface is […]


Does Chlorine Irritate Eczema?

Do a fast Internet search on the subject “Does Chlorine Irritate Eczema” and you will come up with some contradictory answers. The best one could be “maybe” and the second best is “some types of eczema” and the third is “under some circumstances.” So…here’s what the research generally indicates, which pretty much boils down to: […]

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Will My Child Ever Outgrow Eczema?

A common question amongst parents is: will my child ever outgrow eczema? The normality is that the severity of eczema can be outgrown; and usually is. In most cases, dry skin will remain with the individual into adulthood. Other health-related issues tied to eczema such as asthma could also be something that follows into adulthood. […]

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Eczema: Is There More Than One Type?

Eczema is something we all dread having, am I right? I mean I’ve had it since I was born and luckily it’s gotten “better” in my adult years – this isn’t the case for everyone though. It has been said that nearly 35 million Americans alone are affected by eczema with seventy percent of cases […]