Will My Child Ever Outgrow Eczema?

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A common question amongst parents is: will my child ever outgrow eczema? The normality is that the severity of eczema can be outgrown; and usually is. In most cases, dry skin will remain with the individual into adulthood. Other health-related issues tied to eczema such as asthma could also be something that follows into adulthood. […]

Does Melatonin actually Help Sleepless Kids with Eczema?

Eczema, Melatonin

We all love a good night’s rest after an eventful day. This can be difficult to achieve as an eczema sufferer. The worst thing to see is that your child isn’t getting the rest they truly need. The fact of the matter is that kids with eczema often have trouble sleeping at night. The percentage […]

Eczema in Ears: Does it really Cause Hearing Loss?

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  To hear or not to hear that is the question? Dealing with eczema in your ears is one of the more annoying things for us eczema sufferers. The constant itching, scaly skin, and overall redness and irritation become overrated, wouldn’t you agree? The eczema were dealing with in this case is known as Seborrheic […]

Eczema: Is There More Than One Type?


Eczema is something we all dread having, am I right? I mean I’ve had it since I was born and luckily it’s gotten “better” in my adult years – this isn’t the case for everyone though. It has been said that nearly 35 million Americans alone are affected by eczema with seventy percent of cases […]