Epaderm For Eczema: Is Epaderm Good For Eczema? (Truth Revealed)

Eczema is a horrible medical condition that causes the skin to become inflamed or irritated (1). There is actually a handful of types with atopic dermatitis being the most common. Atopic means that the disease makes it more likely that the patient is going to develop other allergic conditions as well. This includes hay fever and asthma. Eczema isn’t pleasant and it is definitely going to take a toll on you mentally and physically. This is why you need to find solutions right away. Is using Epaderm for eczema a good idea? Is Epaderm good for eczema? You’ll find out below.

About Epaderm

Now, you should learn a little more about Epaderm. This specific emollient is actually created by Mölnlycke Health Care. The company is based out of Gothenburg. In 2009, the company generated revenue of 856 million Euros. It is estimated that they currently employ 7,400 individuals. They make a little of everything, including wound dressings, skin care products, and other healthcare products. Epaderm is designed to treat numerous conditions that cause dry skin.

Understanding The Symptoms

Is it really wise to use Epaderm for eczema? This is a good question. Before trying to find out, you should learn more about the symptoms linked to Eczema and whether or not this ointment can help. As mentioned above, eczema causes the skin to become irritated and inflamed. People who suffer from eczema are most likely going to develop skin rashes. It is most common for the rashes to develop on the wrist, hands, feet, back of the knees, and even on the face. The skin will appear dry, thicker and scaly.

Ideally, Epaderm is designed to combat all of these issues. Of course, that doesn’t mean that it is actually going to work for you. A little experimentation may be needed to determine whether or not Epaderm is actually going to be effective for you. More about that will be provided below.

Will Epaderm Treat The Causes?

Is this ointment actually going to help treat the causes of eczema? In all likelihood, the answer is no and this has nothing to do with the ointment itself. The truth of the matter is that the exact cause of eczema is not fully known. (2) It is believed that eczema is the result of an overreaction of the immune system to some type of irritant. Nevertheless, doctors aren’t entirely sure what causes eczema. With this in mind, you should know that the ointment isn’t going to be an ultimate solution. It might be able to help, but it is not going to completely cure the condition.

Even if you manage to get rid of eczema, there is a good chance that it is going to return in the future. Nevertheless, you can always just use more ointment to deal with the symptoms once again.

More About Emollients

You need to understand that Epaderm is actually an emollient. This means that it is far different than other types of skin creams. Emollients offer a handful of benefits and some of them might not be available with the alternatives. This means that the skin cream is going to work great as a moisturizer. It will hydrate the skin, while also making it smooth. If you’re dealing with painful skin, you will definitely want to use an emollient. The cream will soothe the skin. It is also going to keep it moist and flexible. This combination will ultimately help alleviate the pain and other symptoms linked to eczema.

In fact, emollients are immensely effective for the treatment of various skin conditions. Emollients are available in various forms, including creams, ointments, lotions, and even bath additives. Epaderm is an emollient and that means it will be effective for the treatment of your eczema.

Who Is Epaderm Suitable For?

Now, you need to make sure that you can actually use Epaderm safely. Some ointments are not suitable for everyone. For instance, they might not be good for people who have very sensitive skin. The good news is that Epaderm is pretty much suitable for everyone. It has been proven time and again that Epaderm is actually suitable for all types of skin. It can even be used by patients who suffer from sensitive skin. At the same time, it is great for all age groups. It can be used by babies, seniors and everyone in between.

Which Epaderm Should You Buy?

Remember that there are several types of Epaderm. Finding the right one for you will be easier than you could ever imagine. If you’re buying Epaderm for a child, you should definitely go with Epaderm Junior. This means that the product is completely safe for younger children. Just remember that this specific product is suitable for more than eczema. It is also great for dry skin and psoriasis. As an adult, you will have to choose between the Epaderm ointment and the cream. The cream tends to be easier and cleaner to use. After all, you won’t have to stick your hand into a big bottle of cream. You can use the bottle to squirt to cream into your hand and go from there.

The cream is a 2-in-1- emollient and cleanser. This means that it is going to clean the skin and treat the eczema symptoms. If you’re looking for something a little more effective and versatile, you should go with the Epaderm ointment. The ointment can be used directly on the skin. It can also be used in the bath as a skin cleanser. Either way, you can rest assured knowing it is going to help with your eczema.

Where To Obtain Epaderm

If you’re suffering from eczema, you should most definitely try Epaderm. By all means, the ointment should be effective for the purpose of treating eczema’s most common symptoms. Therefore, you should definitely give it a try for yourself. In order to do that, you’ll need to buy yourself a bottle of Epaderm. That is going to be a little tough. After all, there is a good chance that you will not be able to find Epaderm in your local pharmacy or any big box store. In all likelihood, you’re going to be required to buy the bottle online. This isn’t necessarily a problem, but you will need to plan ahead.

You can easily find this product on the company’s official website. If you do not like shopping there, you can always try Amazon and eBay. Amazon is your best bet if you’re in a hurry want to get results as quickly as possible.

Epaderm’s Ingredients

It is time to dig into the active ingredients in Epaderm. The product actually contains two active ingredients. They include yellow soft paraffin and emulsifying wax. The product also contains liquid paraffin. These two ingredients should be effective in treating the symptoms associated with eczema. Another good thing about Epaderm is the fact that it doesn’t contain any fragrances, colorings or additives. These ingredients should be safe and they shouldn’t cause any side effects whatsoever. Therefore, you should more definitely feel comfortable using Epaderm.

Is Epaderm Safe For Eczema?

The truth of the matter is that some skin ointments are dangerous. They may actually make your eczema much worse. The good news is that this isn’t going to be a problem with Epaderm. It is vital to understand that every person is different. The way you’re going to react to a certain medication is going to be different than how another person will react to it. Therefore, you just never know. Still, it is true that Epaderm is designed to be safe for everyone. It doesn’t contain any ingredients that could be considered dangerous.

Epaderm has no fragrances, additives or colorings. Therefore, it should be completely safe.

How To Use Epaderm

Before doing anything, you need to make sure that you actually know how to use Epaderm. The truth of the matter is that using this product isn’t too difficult. In fact, you should be able to figure it out without even looking at the instructions. If you’re buying a new bottle, there is a good chance that the cream will actually spray out of the container. This makes it much easier and cleaner to use. When you’re ready, you just need to push the top trigger down. Be sure to keep your hand near the nozzle. This will make the cream squeeze out into your hand.

Now, you just need to apply the cream to your eczema. Be sure to rub it in thoroughly.


Using Epaderm for eczema is definitely a good idea. When you consider the ointment’s ingredients and other attributes, it should indeed work. It should be able to alleviate the symptoms linked to this skin condition. Still, you need to remember that it is not going to completely cure the condition. There is always a chance that the symptoms are going to return in the future. Using more Epaderm is recommended. Still, everyone who has eczema and cannot find relief should definitely try Epaderm. It may very well be the solution they’ve been looking for.

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